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I woke up with a new friend inside my tent, “Marineide”, an inflatable doll, from the moment we were introduced we became inseparable coming with me everywhere I’d go.

“Marineide”, whatta girl!!!
That’s Marineide on my back.

As usual we took ages to get out, as it was a sunny day the idea was to take advantage of it and enjoy a few hours at the beach. We headed to Rock beach in Rock, a coastal village in the Camel River estuary with Padstow on the other side. It was nice and warm however water activities were fully booked, so I ended up just sunbathing and walking around the beach. (Due to Covid19 everything is fully booked and overcrowded compared to last year).

Peaceful estuary in the afternoon
Estuary bay in the low tide
The lonely rock on the sea
Cristal dream water
OMG, she’s going with the tide!!

Despite the blue sky and crystalline water, Sofia was the only one in the group to venture herself into the sea. Me personally I prefer warmer waters.

The sun felt great but we had to go, there were a few places we wanted to check out. We left Rock through some small rural curvy lanes along the coast leading to a few lovely cove villages not far.

Where the land embraces the sea
Peaceful cove
Cayaking anyone!??
Time for the silly picture😁
Emerald cove

New Polzeath and Port Isaac was are just amazing cove fishermen villages, very picturesque and old but time was running fast and we were getting hungry. After a walk around we were recommended “The Pilchardsin Port Gaverne, another nice little village. The restaurant was nice with good food although the view was expensive. Still we managed to get the help to eat discount given by the government because of Corona Virus.

Rural lane. (One of manyin the region)
Time for some lunch 😉
Drink and some laughs with our special friend😅
Some nice sea treats😋 Mussels is always a good option!
A tasty octopus tentacle.
Octopus and some shrimp on the menu .something that a Portuguese won’t resist😋😉
A delicatessen at the end.
That’s port Gaverne, picturesque!

After eating we decided to head back to the tents as it was our last night in Wadebrige and we were trying to do an early morning.

Good night all!!! Cheers!
Silva’s Kawasaki er500 a.k.a “Besuga”