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Day 2

29/07/2017 Troyes- Saint Jean de Losne (Motorway/Departamentale route) 12pm/3pm


After a night’s sleep by the side of the road in front of the camping site where my friend was staying, nothing could be more rewarding than to see him and to have a hot shower. The ”le Lac d’Orient” is a 4 star big camping site located in the Orient Forest Natural Park, which is a protected area of woodlands and lakes in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France.
It was a short but sweet visit . We ended up having breakfast with Dave and his family together with that desired hot shower before hitting the road again. We thanked Dave’s hospitality and around 12 we all departed in different directions.
We didn’t ride much that day as Saint Jean de Losne wasn’t that far, however during the couple hours we spent on the motorway we stopped for a couple times to have some water as it was quite hot (33/35 degrees).  Remember to keep a bottle of fresh water with you, as riding under high temperatures will dehydrate you a lot. Once we were off the A39 we rode for another 30 minutes or so until we arrived.
A39 exit






My girlfriend has some family living in Saint Jean de Losne, so we stayed there until the next morning. Well, I am not going into much detail here. Let’s just say that once we visited all, we booked a night at a local hotel just to guarantee we wouldn’t spend another night under the stars.
 Saint Jean de Losne is a small pretty town with a river in between (ghost town as Marie calls it), however during the Summer time there’s a lot of people outside on the streets. Coffee shops and restaurants are extremely busy and there was even a music show going on.



 After waiting for 30 minutes to get a seat I ventured myself to try the famous french dish ”cuisse de grenouille” (frog legs). They are quite tasty in fact but with a lot of little bones which makes it a bit annoying if you don’t know how to eat it.
Eating frog legs
Local people were quite friendly and helpful, specially when I only speak a bit of french.. well, a bit more than that!!
                                                                 Saint Jean de Losne.. what a simple and pretty town!!