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Four snoring in a tent

The first night and the Vango Alpha 400

The Vango alpha 400 proved its value, there were four of us inside overnight, Silvia and Ricardo, my brother and I. We all had enough space to sleep comfortably, except for my brother because of a bad sleeping bag. The tent exceeded my expectations, it’s spacious and has a front porch area big enough to store everyone’s luggage, inside there’s enough space to fit a double and one single inflatable mattresses. When packed it is quite compact , the ideal size when traveling by motorbike I would say. It is waterproof and easy to pitch. The only downside goes for the pegs that, as usual, depending of the terrain you might need to get some extra pegs.

All in all the Vango provided great night of sleep for some and a nightmare for others as some of us (including myself) snore a little. This was something we were joking about the entire trip, even recorded true harmonic orchestras. Bruno and Sofia had their own little two person tent, and as they didn’t allow us to pitch another tent (Ricardo’s) for three nights my tent was the shelter for the homeless people in the group.

After we emerged from the tents and slowly got ready, we decided to go to Wadebridge (the local town) to have breakfast, a reinforced one. After that my brother would get back home to Clevedon as he had other commitments. The plan was to go all the way up to Bude by the A39 (also known as the “Atlantic Highway”) and then to enjoy a coastal ride passing through some picturesque villages such as Boscastle and Tintagel.

The scenery, the good weather and the road… perfect harmony!!

We arrived in Bude later than I wanted, but it was a nice and warm afternoon so we went for a walk around, the place was a bit crowded despite Coronavirus, so we went for a walk and an Ice cream.

You can buy them here, just by the river.

It was nice and there’s still lots to see and do in Bude including a castle in the area we were. Again due to Covid19 no visits were allowed at this time. I had planned a very nice coastal route passing by Boscastle, Tintagel and Port Isaac which unfortunately none of us took any pictures as we just passed by (You have to be patient for the video where I’ll show these places). The road isn’t for the heart fainted in some places, incredibly steep and curvy with that odd hairpin here and there. however, the views and the little villages we passed by are something else.

The roads are simply fantastic!! (I will post this route on the routes and maps section)
and on the other side of the pic above…
One of the many forgotten villages in Cornwall, unique, however the access roads, thrilling, not for the inexperienced.

If it is in your plans to visit Cornwall, I do really recommend a visit to Tintagel and Boscastle villages. Tintagel is quite famous because of the castle ruins that according to the legend it’s the place where King Arthur was conceived, just not to mention that it is one of the most amazing places in Cornwall. Unfortunately we could not visit it due to Covid19 restrictions. Boscastle village is equally interesting, very picturesque and small with a great footpath that leads to the harbour. The following two pictures are the castle hotel in Tintagel and the scenery next to it.

I planned a dinner in Port Isaac, but a local guy we met in Tintagel suggested and even guided us to a very picturesque restaurant in Port Quinn. He works for “Bossiney” a tea room in Tintagel. Apparently we missed a bikers breakfast they do every week in there, and we were invited in for breakfast the following morning. Very chatty and friendly, however I forgot his name, like most I came across.
The road to Port Quinn was curvy, narrow and steep like most country lanes around that area, but we arrived in time to eat, as restaurants are tricky these days due to the pandemic, also we were contemplated with a very nice sunset on the sea.

Can’t remember anymore what we ate, but, it was good. It was a nice day and it was over, the sunset was gone and the night came to us. It was time to get back on the A39 to our tents… our second day was over. The last day in Wadebridge was reserved for a few hours on the beach and water activities, but we had to get up earlier than today, something that became a bit of a challenge.

Shhhhh, it is snoring time for most of us when all the sudden… “Marineide” invaded my tent!!!

That’s Bruno’s and Sofia’s honda CBR600FS

Maps and Routes

In this section you may find maps and routes that I particularly liked for some reason and decided to share with you. I will try to be precise and give you a review about the route:



Glossop to Hope Valey  (Snake Pass) (A57)

Great route for motorcycles, particularly between Glossop and Snake Pass. Very steep in this section and with a few tight bends, sinking in towards the Ladybower forest alongside the Ladybowel reservoir and the dam, a bit hilly but not so twisted or steep . Surface in good condition, good scenery and fun to ride. Be aware of cyclists in the area.


Castleton to Sparrowpit (Winnats Pass)

Very short but sweet!!! Worth passing by Castleton and explore the caverns around before crossing Winnats pass. It´s a small pass (no more than a mile and a half), steep and very picturesque with the road cutting in between two big hills and a couple tight bends. Surface in good condition, be aware of  roaming sheep and people hiking, this road can be busy during the high season. The other sectors are pleasant to ride as well. Be aware of hidden small junctions.


Sparrowpit to Baslow (Peak District) (A623)

Very nice country lane cutting across the southern side of the Peak district. Scenic, with a few good bens able to put a grin on your face, some hills and dips. Good vision towards the road and fun to ride, however not as picturesque as Winnats Pass or Snake Pass.




Saint Sauveur sur Tinee to Beuil (D30/M30)

Great route, mountain road, good surface, very curvy and not too steep from Beuil to Col de la Couiolle (1678 mts). Be aware that D30 Changes to M30 after the Col towards Saint Sauveur sur Tinee, very steep and curvy, narrow at points with a few hairpins and pittoresque tunnels. It is very scenic and pleasant to ride. Very recommended!!
Gorges cu Cians (D28)

One of the most scenic roads of France, ride through a canyon of red rock, a couple sections are closed to traffic forcing you to divert through some pretty tunnels dug in the rock. Wide road in the most places, not steep with a few good corners. and very well maintained. One of the top french dangerous roads, this one will take your breath away with it’s scenery. A MUST DO!!!
Gorges du Nan (D22) and Route des Presles ( D292)

One of the most scenic routes I have ever done, balcony roads, narrow, high altitude, not for the faint hearted. Very curvy and steep, fantastic views. surface in good condition. It will take you a lot of time to complete as it is impossible to not stop to take pictures.


Col de Rousset to Chamaloc (Die) (D518)

Mountain road, ride from 1300mts to 470mts above the sea level, light to moderate traffic and possibility of lots of motorbikes on the road. Wide with road markings well-defined and  many wide hairpins. Very curvy, not too steep and the surface maintained in very good condition. Great scenery independently if you are traveling on an ascent or descent orientation. Starts after the Ski Station du Rousset thorough a 770mt long tunnel and ends in Chamalot. Low police presence. A great road for all bikers!!!
Gorges du Daluis (D2202

One of the most amazing roads of France. Ride through 17 narrow tunnels and through a road cutting red rock, great gorges alongside the Var river. Surface in good condition, not too curvy and not steep, amazing scenery and very popular among bikers. National route but not too busy. Low police presence.  highly recomended!!!!!


 Les Scaffarels to La Roche Percee  (N202 route de Grenoble)

 Only 3.2 miles but one of the greatest roads, mountain road,  very curvy and slightly steep, a few tight corners with the perfect camber, very well marked and maintained, narrow in a few points but with a good visibility. Go through a great pierced rock and simply enjoy it. Be aware of a small village ” Rouaine” where you should slow down a bit. Low police presence, GREAT ROAD!!!!


Route Des Cretes (D23 Gorges du Verdon)

WoW!!!! What an amazing route!!!  Mountain road, very steep,  curvy with a few tunnels and a few more hairpins. Very well maintained, however can be narrow in some points. High altitude and no road side protection in some places. Stunning views, can be crowded in some areas during the summer time and there is a possibly that this route is closed during the winter season. Dangerous balcony road and definitely not for the faint hearted or those who are afraid of heights. To be taken slowly as there are lots of points of  interest.  
 Aiguines to Trigance (D71 Gorges du Verdon)

Amazing route, twisty, with a fantastic scenery all around including the blue turquoise Lake de Saint Croix in the Verdon. Ride through the Grand Canyon of Europe. Twisty balcony mountain route, a few hairpins and not too steep and frequently used by tourists during the Summer. Be aware of slow caravans on the road and people walking around. Good surface but be aware that the road becomes a bit unstable a 5 or 6 miles before Trigance due to tree roots, do not over speed there. Otherwise read road in excellent condition. A must do!!!



More coming soon…