It started with a crash

We decided the meeting point to be Clevedon, as the region where my brother lives is a central point for everyone as we would be coming from different places. Silvia and I joined up and went one day earlier, as I wanted to visit my brother.

It would be the M4 and then the M5 until Clevedon. The M4 was boring until Reading because of the 50mph average speed control due to the smart motorway upgrade, and thereafter we got under heavy showers for most of the trip. We arrived around 7pm, meaning we had time to have dinner together and a few drinks. Not going into details but it was a nice time in family. Next morning the rest of the group would join us. My brother who also rides a motorbike decided to come for a ride out with us.

Ready, set and Cornwall here we go!!
One stop for fuel

The road trip was marked by a bike crash within the first hour on the road. Whilst on a little rural lane, I could see only my brother and Silvia on mirrors so we stopped and waited for the others. At first we thought they had taken a different road, but then a car driver told us that someone had crashed the bike. Immediately we turned around without knowing what to find. Happened that Ricardo got some dirt under the wheels on a corner and ended up in the bushes eating grass. Luckily there were no major injuries, just some scratches and bruises. The bike wasn’t that damaged either, so we could keep up after some immediate repairs.

The bend where Ricardo lost control of the bike.
Straight into the bushes.
There goes the front of a Suzuki
Mirrors for sale.
Bruno playing mechanics.

With a bit less plastic and weight on the Suzuki we were ready to get back on the road. Wadebrige was our goal for the day as Sofia booked a camping for the first 3 nights. We stopped only refuel and to eat something before joining up the A30 and from there it was non stop to the campsite.

Pitstop for fuel

We arrived at “The Laurel’s holiday park“, just off the A39 after Wadebrige with the A389 that leads to Padstow which is a bit of a negative point for those who are noise sensitive as the Atlantic Highway (A39) passes just behind. Despite that the campsite was clean and organized.

We had one extra person, my brother who decided to stay overnight and Ricardo with an extra tent. After discussing options with the reception they allowed my brother to stay overnight for an extra fee which wasn’t a problem but maximum up to two tents per pitch.

They allowed us to pitch only two tents, but they didn’t mind the 5 bikes… weird!!
Pitching the tent
Inflating a mattress can be hard…

Great, still early and we were getting hungry. Padstow is a very nice coastal town so we simply headed down the A389 through the rural country lanes looking for a restaurant. Unfortunately due to Covid19 most were fully booked or just full, so we ended up eating at a pub. Food was ok, but the waiting time just awful. Shame we didn’t get back to Padstow as I quite like this town. (I’ve been here before).

Arriving in Padstow
Padstow harbour at the end of the day.

After eating we went back to the campsite as some of us were tired. It was time to test if my Vango tent could have 4 people in or not!!!!

That’s Ricardo’s 2008 GXSR 600 ( throwing people on the floor since the 80’s)
Good night world!!!

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