Welcome Biker

A   b i k e r´ s   r o a d   t r i p

As a biker I am passionate about the world of motorbikes and travelling  on two wheels. The feeling of freedom when you are on the road, the discovery of new places, the scenery, dealing with good weather and the bad weather. From the twisty mountain narrow roads to the open motorway or scenic national roads. The numerous stops you do just to capture that moment or that view on camera. The other fellow bikers you encounter here and there together with the interaction and experience shared.. all that makes every motorbike journey different, priceless, unique and magic.
the mountains, the road and I.. Perfection!!!
The Scenery, the road, the bike all loaded up.. All this is magic for any true biker!!!
On this blog you will find a journal about my recent trips. I will be sharing my stories on the journal section, scenic and interesting routes together with some useful information that can help you if you are considering doing a motorbike trip. As an instructor I never forget the less experienced riders, so I included a commuting section where you can find good tips about riding techniques and procedures in order to be safer out there in the “jungle” (city riding).